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Travis Pike’s Career Relaunch Celebrates the Fiftieth Anniversary of the 1967 Summer of Love in an Interview by Harvey Kubernik

HK: Do you think the big, Winter 2016/17 UGLY THINGS MAGAZINE publication of the career and retrospective multi-page spread on you and your music, and the clips from the 1966 movie, Feelin’ Good, now viewed as a cult classic, were game-changers?   Here we are, doing another interview for Cave Hollywood, and the February 10, 2017 Forgotten Hits Newsletter contained our lengthy, in-depth interview on your perspective on the 1967 Summer of Love, which I understand is now posted on all your websites in your Online Interviews and Pictorials.

TP: Yes, especially with regard to my music. Between our Ugly Things interview, and the positive Mike Stax review of my book Odd Tales and Wonders 1964-1974 A Decade of Performance, and my CD catalog, I’ve been rediscovered by some of my old fans, and I’m attracting new ones here, in Canada, Australia, Europe and the U.K.  I never imagined that the Feelin’ Good music sequences I posted on YouTube would become so popular.  In the UK, State Records is releasing “Watch Out Woman” and “The Way That I Need You,” the two songs I sang on the esplanade on a vinyl 45 in early July, and UK DeeJay Rob Bailey has included “If I Didn’t Love You Girl” in his latest compilation album, and will be releasing a vinyl 45 of it and “The Likes of You” later this summer. Continue reading

Kim Fowley On The Summer Of Love

Kim Fowley is a gas. I was his friend and worked on a whole bunch of music projects with him. He had wit and wisdom of survival, and vision in the music business.

Cave Hollywood's David Kessel with Kim Fowley in Los Angeles circa 1993 Photo by Harold Sherrick

Cave Hollywood’s David Kessel with Kim Fowley in Los Angeles circa 1993
Photo by Harold Sherrick

I was listening to his Outlaw Superman album late at night recently and just started cracking up, because Kim was always having fun in the studio as a solo artist.

His vast knowledge as an all around producer and business liaison helped many budding recording artists and bands achieve dreams and success.

I asked Cave Hollywood contributor, author and music historian Harvey Kubernik, to go into his vast literary archives and display something cool on Kim.

This 2007 interview Harvey conducted with Kim reveals unique observations on the fabled 1967 “Summer Of Love” and groovy reflections on the vibrant music, personalities as well as important bands from that cosmic era.


David Kessel
CEO Cave Hollywood

Kim Fowley on the 1967 Summer of Love
By Harvey Kubernik C 2008

Q: What were you doing in 1967?

A: I was the MC all year at the Love-Ins held every weekend in Los Angeles at Elysian Fields near downtown L.A. I was also working with bands locally.

Q: What did the Summer of Love achieve?

A: “Summer of Love achieved a lot because at the time, everything was possible from a youth perspective. Stopping the Vietnam War was possible. Getting laid was possible. Reinventing yourself was possible. Doing it without materialism, doing it without a college degree, doing it without mom and dad making you a lawyer or doctor. There was possibility of a Utopian brave new world. You had Doors, Love locally, and Pink Floyd doing things in England. And you had people who continued like Lovin’ Spoonful and the Byrds. Continue reading