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New Documentary Film on Stephen J. Kalinich Now Out

By Harvey Kubernik c 2017

Poet/lyricist/songwriter and performer Stephen J. Kalinich, no stranger to Cave Hollywood viewers, a few years ago portal owner David Kessel interviewed Kalinich when he released his two California Feeling albums on the MsMusic record label.

In late 2017, director Chris Allen and Chris Allen Films released a feature length 81 minute documentary Shortcuts to Infinity-The Poetry of Stephen Kalinich.

Executive producers are Don Fertman, Chris Allen and Carol Schofield.

The movie incorporates interviews with Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, and David Marks as well as PF Sloan, Jon Tiven, Alan Boyd, Paul Steel, Carl B Wilson, Dan Knutson, and Ralph Stevens. Also appearing in the film are Carnie and Wendy Wilson, Carol Schofield, Marla Maples, Bill Duke, Marilyn Wilson, Richard Lawson, and many others.

Stevie’s painting and stand-up act are explored, as well as a look at the play based on his book

From The Heart of Love. The DVD can be ordered at Continue reading

Galactic Symphonies By Harvey Kubernik C 2012

Photos Courtesy of John Douglas Clark

Stephen J. Kalinich and Richard Durrant“Galactic Symphonies,” a collaboration between guitarist Richard Durrant & poet Stephen John Kalinich, initially released in 2008 on the U.K. based LongMan record label has been picked up for distribution in the U.S. by MsMusic. Kalinich supplies spoken word narration to instrumental tracks and sung voices from Durrant. The “Galactic Symphonies” retail item contains studio sessions held at LongMan studios coupled with live version audio versions housed in a DVD stereo surround sound. Adrian Shepard filmed and directed the live performance at Ropetackle Arts Centre. Harvey Kubernik talks to both Stephen John Kalinich and Richard Durrant about their ground-breaking endeavor.

Q. How did this project start?

S. I met Richard on David Courtney’s radio show in Brighton UK. He produced Roger Daltrey and Leo Sayer albums.

Q.Tell me about working with Richard? 

S. Working with Richard was exhilarating and creative challenging and at times when we worked separately at first tough to deal with but later I enjoyed the process we gave each other space to create in our own unique ways and put them together. Richard is a focused worker. Continue reading

Songwriter & Poet Stephen J. Kalinich

In late 2010, Ms Music Records released the album “California Feeling,” a tribute devoted to poet and lyricist Stephen J. Kalinich’s of his songs covered by the likes of David Marks, The Honeys, Carnie & Wendy Wilson, Carl B. Wilson, and Alan Boyd, among other performers. The compilation producers are Mark Linett and Alan Boyd. Executive Producer is Carol Schofield.

Stephen J. KalinichKalinich, co-wrote the song “A Friend Like You” with Brian Wilson, recorded by Paul McCartney and Wilson a few years ago for the album of Wilson duets, “Getting In Over My Head,” is a former Brother Records and Jobete Music staff writer

Last century, tunesmith Kalinich penned “Be Still” and “Little Bird” with Dennis Wilson, songs that appear on the Beach Boys’ “Friends” album. Kalinich’s “Rainbows” and “Love Remember Me” were featured on the 2008 reissue of Dennis Wilson’s “Pacific Ocean Blue” album.

In addition, the Beach Boys’ anthology, “Hawthorne, CA,” contained Kalinich’s “A Time To Live in Dreams.”

In 2010 on Al Jardine’s EP “A Postcard from California,” actor Alec Baldwin is spotlighted reciting the Kalinich poem “Tide Pool Interlude.”

Over the years Stephen Kalinich has collaborated with songwriter P. F. Sloan on “If You Knew” and “Soul of a Woman,” and previously had his words sung by Mary Wilson of the Supremes, “You Dance My Heart Around the Stars,” Odyssey, whose recording of “Magic Touch” was a top 40s hit; and Randy Crawford, with “Only Your Love Song Last.”

There’s also Kalinich’s seemingly lost literary work, “A World of Peace Must Come,” that was recently rediscovered and appeared on Light In The Attic Records’ 2008 CD boxed set devoted to the poetry of Kalinich. Another early composition, “Leaves of Grass,” was released on this CD, accompanied by Mark Buckingham and produced by Carl Wilson. Continue reading