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The Ramones: New Deluxe It’s Alive Out In September

End of the Century 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition Scheduled  


With the new September 2019 deluxe edition of the 1979 Ramones’ tour album, It’s Alive, and the planned last quarter 2019/early 2020 40th

Courtesy Rhino/WMG

anniversary of the original Phil Spector-produced End of the Century, with producer Rick Rubin now involved for an expanded reissue of the initial pressing, multi-instrumentalist David Kessel and his website asked me to re-visit End of the Century, cut at the landmark Gold Star Recording Studios in Hollywood. 

I was in attendance at just about all End of the Century sessions, as a food runner, and on occasion, supplied hand claps and percussion, and was credited on a few tracks.  

 I eventually penned the liner notes for a 2002 Rhino Records repackage of the album.  It was an assignment that came just after ownership changes at the label. The late great Gary Stewart graciously insisted that I do them knowing I covered the Ramones/Spector relationship for the London-based Melody Maker.   

So, before we hear the upcoming “revised” Rhino/WMG label End of the Century in a handful of months, is displaying portions from my 2002 product text with additional and un-published 2002 interviews with Johnny, Dee Dee and Marky Ramone.     Continue reading

Cave Hollywood’s David Kessel shares this about The Ramones

Myself and Cave Hollywood are proud to display Harvey Kubernik’s story on The Ramones, which also features his own archive interviews with Punk pioneers, Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone

Slug 7 inch vinyl picture sleeve Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy Sire Warner Bros Records

Slug 7 inch vinyl picture sleeve
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy Sire Warner Bros Records

In 1975 in LA, as the Glitter scene was fading out, there was a sense of yet another change happening in music and it’s associated culture. There was a

lot of action that we were hearing about coming out of London, and then New York about a new scene called “Punk Rock”. I immediately could see an emergence of a real Rock ‘N’ Roll revolution. You didn’t need to be super talented, but you had to have attitude and rawness. Songs could have only 2 or three chords. No big record deals (yet), self releases, Fanzines, and word of mouth promotion.

When the first Ramones album came out, it hit me like a Punk Rock “Meet The Beatles”, coming out of left field and galvanizing a whole new generation ready for musical rebellion against over produced sappy, meaningless music being churned out by record companies. I went to their first ever gig in LA at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip in 1976. I saw the very first show and brought enough people, so we could applaud loud and long, to make sure they did an encore at their first show and first performance in LA. My good friend Rodney Bingenheimer, “The Punk and New Wave DJ” on KROQ introduced me to the band. I told them that I absolutely loved what they were doing musically and culturally. I also mentioned that my brother and I were working steadily with Phil Spector in the studio, and with Phil Spector Productions in general. Continue reading

The Life And Times Of Joey Paige

From Dickie Doo and the Don’ts, To The Everly Brothers and The Rolling Stones, Joey Paige not only witnessed rock and roll history, he lived it.

Joey Paige entertains troops in Viet nam

Joey entertaining troops in Vietnam.

The growing bedroom community of Santa Clarita attracts many home buyers seeking a refuge from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Los Angeles, In doing so, they may encounter a real estate agent that’s just a bit hipper than most. Even still, in the line of duty, he maintains that professional demeanor to most who have just met him, and little do they know what a fascinating and storied life Joey Paige has actually lived.

It might even take some prodding from someone else who knows him a little better. “Oh yeah, Joey used to be in the music industry. You should ask him who he played with.” Typically the conversation starts off very modest. He’s a musician, he plays the bass guitar…He toured with the Everly Brothers at the height of their success. Wait…what did he just say?

What he doesn’t always talk about up front is his solo career, or his deal with Vee-Jay records, or the Phil Spector-penned song he recorded that Sonny Bono produced, or that Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones would stay with him every time he came to Los Angeles. “Oh God, did we ever have a good time,” Paige recalls his days hanging out with the Stones. “They’d come to town and we’d hit every night club that was available.” He then added casually, “Of course, sometimes we’d have to leave because they’d cause a riot just because they were there.” Continue reading

Tribute To Leonard Cohen

CaveMania tribute to Leonard Cohen

Insights on Leonard Cohen, and the making of the album, “Death of a Ladies Man” with legendary producer, Phil Spector.
David and Dan Kessel were heavily involved during the entire process of the making of this album, from pre-production to post production, as musicians and background vocalists, and as production assistants to Phil Spector.

La La Brooks of The Crystals

On October 29th continuing the 50th anniversary of the Phil Spector-driven Philles Records label, Legacy Records will release “Phil Spector’s ‘Wall Of Sound’ featuring the Crystals, the Ronettes, Darlene Love and Bob B. Soxx and Blue Jeans on a deluxe edition 7-CD box set.

The Crystals

Now available as an MP3 download. Click here…

The six label albums will be out in CD format and a new B-sides collection. A 2 CD-CD, 34 song compilation, “The Essential Phil Spector” will also be issued. The Crystals’ “Twist Uptown” and “He’s A Rebel” LP’s will now be heard in re-mastered CD’s. The Crystals were the first act signed to the Philles record label after forming in 1960.

Dolores “LaLa” Brooks is the immortal singer of the Crystals and the lead vocalist on a slew of their hits with Phil Spector, including “Da Doo Ron Ron” and “Then He Kissed Me.” She is also featured on “Little Boy.” Brooks was born in Brooklyn, New York. In 1962, the teenager was invited to join the Crystals during a recording date for “Uptown” that became a top 15 chart hit that year.

Los Angeles-based Darlene Love, also a member of the Blossoms, was then introduced to Spector by arranger Jack Nitzsche, who subsequently handled the lead vocal chores on the Crystals’ Gene Pitney-penned “He’s A Rebel.” Continue reading