good vibrations

Mike Love’s GOOD VIBRATIONS: My Life as a Beach Boy

Harvey Kubernik on Mike Love’s new autobiography

By Harvey Kubernik c 2016

The Beach Boys are arguably the most popular American rock band of all time, with thirteen Gold Albums, fifty-fivegoodvibrations_jacket Top 100 singles, and four #1 hits, spanning more than five decades.  The appeal of their music is eternal, now stretching across four generations, and they remain a major touring act in the United States and around the world.  Yet they are significant not merely as a pop phenomenon, but as avatars of more than half a century of American musical and cultural history.

Now, Mike Love—one of the group’s founders, its main lead singer, and one of its principal lyricists—delivers the most genuine, comprehensive, and engaging memoir of the group ever written, GOOD VIBRATIONS: My Life as a Beach Boy with James Hirsch, published by Blue Rider Press.

The book’s arrival coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the Beach Boys’ iconic and critically hailed song of the same title. Continue reading