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Music Business in 10 Easy Lessons

Ben McLane’s New Book  

By Harvey Kubernik

Attorney Ben McLane is the author of the just published Music Business in 10 Easy Lessons. It is available for purchase on Amazon at the following link.\

Ben McClane is interviewed by author Harvey Kubernik.  

Ben McLane is interviewed by author Harvey Kubernik.   

Q: Tell me a little about your background before you entered the lawyer world, after graduating from Pepperdine Law School. Were you a record collector or in a band growing up I believe in Kansas City.

A: I essentially grew up in Derby, KS (near Wichita) from kindergarten-high school, and then went to Kansas State University for an undergraduate degree in business.   I was always a music fan, weaned on 70s AM radio, and FM after. In those days there was still a lot of great 60s pop/rock music in regular rotation on the Top 40 stations (not yet relegated to oldies stations only), so I really found that I liked that sound in particular.   This led me to start collecting 45s from the past and reading all I could about the history of pop/rock/soul music (which is really from Elvis era on – to me anyway), but with a focus on 1965-early 70s. Continue reading