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Indy Spotlight: Prima Donna Rocks!

L.A. Based Quintet Re-Energizes The Roots Of Rock n Roll

Prima Donna: Bless This MessTake a pinch of Faces, add just a dash of T. Rex, essence of Mott The Hoople, a dollop or two of New York Dolls, and an incredible amount of talent, energy and drive…and you’ve got Prima Donna.

The irony of reviewing this “up and coming” band lies in the fact that they’ve been hard at work for a decade perfecting their sound and wowing audiences in the U.S. and abroad where they have developed a huge European following. This hard working rock and roll band tours nearly non stop, having just completed a 43 city Summer tour opening for Adam Ant, and had toured with Green Day on the European leg of their 21st Century Breakdown tour  in 2009. They will be embarking on another European tour in 2014. Their version of Rock and Roll is Dead was  recently chosen as The Coolest Song In The World by Steven Van Zandt on his Sirius XM Satellite radio show, Underground Garage. They have also received praise and airplay from KROQ’s Rodney Bingenheimer. Continue reading

Susannah Hoffs & Matthew Sweet: Under The Covers, Volume 3

A Re-Imagining Of Some Of Your Favorite 80’s Alternative Songs, And More

It goes without saying that The Bangles were one of the best known music
acts of the 1980’s. The all-girl group rose from relative obscurity thanks in part to the “Mayor of the Sunset Strip,” Rodney Bingenheimer who broke many acts on his popularUnder The Covers, Volume 3. Susannah Hoffs and Matthew Sweet Rodney On The ROQ radio show on Los Angeles radio station 106.7 KROQ. Guitarist and vocalist Sunsannah Hoffs’ inimitable singing style and vocal range helped propel the group to stardom with songs like Hero Takes a Fall, Eternal Flame, and of course who can forget the ever present reminder of the start of our workweek, Manic Monday.

The inevitability of Hoffs making a third album with singer/songwriter/producer Matthew Sweet has landed them both squarely in that decade of Ronald Reagan, Rubik’s Cube, Mary Lou Rettin, and some of the best New Wave/Alternative music ever. Sweet, no stranger to alternative music fans, has been on the scene since the mid 80’s, hitting his stride in the 90’s with songs like Girlfriend making the rounds on alternative radio stations worldwide.  He has since gone on to produce music, including The Bangles’ latest release, Sweetheart of the Sun.

While Under The Covers, Volume 1 & Volume 2 gave the pair a turn their own opportunity to rework songs from the 1960’s and 1970’s respectively, Volume 3 takes on the 80’s with style and imagination. Continue reading

The Life And Times Of Joey Paige

From Dickie Doo and the Don’ts, To The Everly Brothers and The Rolling Stones, Joey Paige not only witnessed rock and roll history, he lived it.

Joey Paige entertains troops in Viet nam

Joey entertaining troops in Vietnam.

The growing bedroom community of Santa Clarita attracts many home buyers seeking a refuge from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Los Angeles, In doing so, they may encounter a real estate agent that’s just a bit hipper than most. Even still, in the line of duty, he maintains that professional demeanor to most who have just met him, and little do they know what a fascinating and storied life Joey Paige has actually lived.

It might even take some prodding from someone else who knows him a little better. “Oh yeah, Joey used to be in the music industry. You should ask him who he played with.” Typically the conversation starts off very modest. He’s a musician, he plays the bass guitar…He toured with the Everly Brothers at the height of their success. Wait…what did he just say?

What he doesn’t always talk about up front is his solo career, or his deal with Vee-Jay records, or the Phil Spector-penned song he recorded that Sonny Bono produced, or that Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones would stay with him every time he came to Los Angeles. “Oh God, did we ever have a good time,” Paige recalls his days hanging out with the Stones. “They’d come to town and we’d hit every night club that was available.” He then added casually, “Of course, sometimes we’d have to leave because they’d cause a riot just because they were there.” Continue reading